So you’re a founder-led business
in full scaling mode.
You’re our people.

You may have already dabbled in scaling, successfully or unsuccessfully, or you may be totally new.

Perhaps you’ve already been disappointed by an agency that over-promised and underwhelmed.

You know there are huge gains on the other side, but it’s hard to pull the trigger and go all-in, cold.

That’s exactly the right mindset to have and if you weren’t already exercising caution, we’d tell you to.

You need to do this work at the right time, in the right way and with the right people.
Your approach needs to be 100% bespoke and co-created.
You need to feel in safe hands and in control of your investment.

All our thinking and the way we work is centred around our Growth Code framework.  

The Growth Code is a cyclical, insight-informed, strategic process designed to get you to a 

repeatable growth strategy that works for you and your business.

Our ongoing support and retainer packages are based on a minimum partnership of three months – which usually gives us enough time to work through the key stages of the framework to get you 

to a position of stability and increased predictability, whether we then continue 

to manage or support that for you or hand back the reins, is your call.

Our priority is getting that flywheel of growth spinning beautifully.


However you choose to work with us, rest assured it will be high-touch with Michelle Mowbray (ex MediaCom / WPP). Michelle is an experienced Growth Strategist – you’ll have her eyes and decades of experience across your business; she’s ninja-level at spotting the blocks and fresh opportunities 

across the full spectrum of on and offline growth levers. She thinks big and holistically.

We leverage our collective of deep experts in Branding, PR, SEO, Messaging, Email Marketing, and Web Development / UX as and when we need to get hyper-focused on a particular channel or discipline.

“Not just a suit, an experienced practitioner!”

We know we’ve done a good job when you are delighted with the return on your investment, you’re off the growth plateau and you 

feel as though you’re now firmly in the driver’s seat of growth in your business.

You have levers to pull to fire up sales and sign-ups and you’re feeling pretty excited about the possibility of what’s next.

If this is where you want to get to, then we’d love to welcome you into the Be Seen fold.

Audit-informed high-level growth strategy

Test & action matrix prioritised by the potential size of the gain

Monthly results and insights reporting that focuses on the ‘so what & what next?’

Weekly results dashboard

Monthly planning session

Monthly ‘Borrowed Brilliance’ Competitor watch

Bespoke retainers based on what your business needs


Other ways we can support you.

Auditing & Strategy Checks

Perhaps you already have a team or agency running your ads or maybe you are running them yourself - let us review what’s currently going on, what needs to change along with potential opportunities.

Monthly Results & Actions Check

Get peace of mind from an independent review of your activity by someone experienced and outside the team, PLUS ongoing monthly result insights and actions that can be executed internally.

Immersion Session

Want to make some progress fast? Got something you'd like a fresh opinion or eyes on? This is 1-2-1 time with Michelle, shaped around what your business needs right now. She’ll come pre-prepared to discuss what’s got you scratching your head right now.